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Lake Markkleeberg


...offers its guests a wide range of water sports on Lake Markkleeberg.

This includes training and rental in dinghy and catamaran sailing, windsurfing and stand-up paddling (SUP).

For water walkers, tours are offered across Lake Störmthal and Lake Markkleeberg.

If you want, you can also hire a canoe yourself. Open daily from April to October.

More informations: www.all-on-sea-markkleebergersee.de.

Bison enclosure

... on the Crostewitzer Höhe on the southern shore of Lake Markkleeberg.

The "natural lawnmowers" that graze on extensive areas on the southern shore of Lake Markkleeberg perform valuable tasks here in maintaining and keeping the landscape open.

Passenger boat trips on Lake Markkleeberg

... operates from April to October.

The first ship, the MS Wachau, which offers space for a total of 130 passengers, is a so-called frontlander, which is why it can also be used by wheelchair users, cyclists and with prams without any problems. Catering is also provided.

The MS Störmthal, which is identical in construction, is underway on Lake Störmthal.

A special highlight is a passage through the canoe park lock (unfortunately not possible at the moment), which was opened in 2013 and connects Lake Markkleeberg with the neighbouring Lake Störmthal.

The second ship, the MS Markkleeberg, is similar in design to the MS Wachau, but has room for 400 passengers. Due to its size, it only operates on Lake Markkleeberg..

More informations: www.personenschifffahrt-leipzig.de.

Auenhain Model Construction Park

"Everybody off, Silberschacht station!"

...that's the name of the game at the Auenhain Model Construction Park. From the beginning of April to the end of October, a garden railway rattles and puffs past a miniature railway world over bridges and through tunnels.

More informations: www.modellbaupark.de.

Climbing Park Markkleeberg

... with the K(l)ick into the adventure!

Open from mid-March to early November, a beautiful holiday experience awaits you on three floors and nine courses with a view of Lake Markkleeberg and the Leipzig Neuseenland.

More informations: www.kletterpark-markkleeberg.de.

Adventure - Golf

Situated above the Auenhainer Bucht at the Markkleeberger See, our facility is located on an area of about 2,000m² in the climbing park.

On our courses, you have to play around heights, boulders and bridges over our stream in order to get the golf ball into the hole in as few strokes as possible.

More informations: www.adventure-markkleeberg.de.

Canoe Park Markkleeberg

... one of the most modern whitewater facilities in the world.

Here you can watch the professional athletes train and compete every day or venture down the raging waves of the canal on a raft yourself.

Brand new from 2017 is the surf spot, a standing wave for bodyboarding and wave surfing.

More informations: www.kanupark-markkleeberg.com.

Auenhain Beach

... is the largest bathing area at Lake Markkleeberg with a length of about 600 metres.

With a view of the crystal-clear water, the Auenhain beach, designed as a sports beach with beach volleyball court, barbecue area, dog beach and service station, attracts water rats from near and far for active recreation.

Project GEOPfad

... is the longest geological profile ever recorded in the world.

During lignite mining as well as mine rehabilitation, researchers were able to trace a billion years of Earth's history between Markkleeberg and Störmthal.

Since 2012, those interested can now learn about the history of the earth and humanity on this approx. 14-kilometre-long course on sixteen steles taller than a man. More informations here.

Seeprommenade Markkleeberg-East

... is 415 metres long.

The lake promenade, with its restaurants, cafés and small shops, is intended to invite guests from near and far to stroll and walk along or around the lake.

Near the lakeside promenade there is a beach area and an adventure rest and playground for lingering, climbing and romping.

In addition, the jetty offers 20 berths for sailors and a boat hire service.

Tours with the passenger ships MS Wachau and MS Markkleeberg on Lake Markkleeberg and through the canoe park lock to Lake Störmthal start at the jetty.

Stone experience site

As a meeting point between the two lakes, the Stone Experience Square at the connecting canal between Lakes Störmthal and Markkleeberg links the existing points of the "Geopath" with each other.

The themes of geology and the history of the earth can be experienced here in the form of a playable boulder garden.